About Us



TYSON means TestYourSkillzOnNet. It is a Test Series Company & Computer Academy. It was started in October 2018 by Mr. Swapnil Joshi who has a vast experience of more than 21 years in the field of Engineering and Science Education. The motto of the Company is to help students to analyze their performance by practising various levels of MCQ’s and improve their accuracy, speed and concepts of various topics. It provides a range of products right from School Level upto Post Graduation Level.

The Computer Academy trains students of Nashik for various Programming Languages such as C/C++, JAVA, Python etc., Android App Development Courses, Engineering Software’s like CATIA, ANSYS, Auto-CAD, CFD, etc., and other computer courses. We look forward to expand this Academy in other metro & non-metro cities.


About Directors

Swapnil Joshi 

Swapnil Joshi is the person behind JOSHI’s Classes. He started from the ground level and has built this huge education empire right from 11th Science upto Post Graduation. He has done his Bachelor of Engineering in Petrochemical, from MIT pune. He masters the subjects like Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Graphics, S.O.M., F.M., etc. He is a very ambitious person with the dream of delivering quality education to students and keep on growing.

Aparna Joshi 

Aparna Joshi has 25 years of experience in the field of teaching. She completed her technical education in the year 1991 & since then she started taking classes. She is the reason behind Joshi’s Classes.


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